Oscar Dystel

"Dave Wasserman has helped us more than any other financial and estate planner. We found our time with him to be very interesting and productive. We certainly appreciate working with Dave. "

John A. Waldhausen, MD

"Dave Wasserman was instrumental in the key decisions regarding my retirement planning. He was also the architect of our estate plan. Dave helped us navigate complex issues more than any other adviser. Beyond his expertise, we are truly grateful for his insight and guidance."

Ralph Borrello

"Dave was the architect of a very complex plan and the gel that kept it all together. Without him, it would not have happened. I enthusiastically recommend using Dave to lead any team of advisers."

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Chairman and CEO, Bantam Books

Chairman, Dept of Surgery, Hershey Medical Center College of Medicine

Vice President, Wilmington Trust

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Avoid losses and the riskiness of chasing high returns.

With no other changes, single Dad adds 45% to his after-tax retirement income.

Brandon works hard, even at home - he’s a single parent. Money is always tight, but he saves what he can; he knows he can’t save more. By switching to a VestCred 7702, Brandon is projected to have 45% more after-tax retirement income for the same contribution he’s been making to his 401(k). The 7702 gives him peace of mind and his future looks much better.

Case Study: Brandon

Concerned about insurance gaps and college savings solved by a VestCred 7702 Plan.

Dan and Katlyn both work. Saving for college and retirement are major stressors. And if one of them dies prematurely, the loss of income would be catastrophic. Their VestCred 7702 Plan solved all concerns. A large death provides peace of mind. The plan replaced their 401(k)s and 529 plans, projecting 52% more money for college and retirement with the same contribution. 

Case Study: Dan & Katlyn