Dave Wasserman

Co-Founder of VestCred and 30-Year Financial Industry Veteran

Dave served as a Financial Planner in the Wealth Management/Private Client Group of two Trust Departments ranked nationally in the top 5. His private practice spans Fortune 500 C-suite execs to small business owners to regular folks. Dave has consulted with and designed pilot programs for national charities and assisted with continuing education for the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys.

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Jeremiah Smith

Jeremiah is a 15-year technology startup veteran who learned the hard way that protected what you earn isn't always easy. His passion for sharing what he's learned and optimizing it for everyone who wants to retire led him directly to VestCred. 

Meet the crew.

Working along with Dave and Jeremiah is a tireless team, including highly trained experts from across the finance, insurance, and technology spectrum. They're a social bunch, so look for more on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook!