Let’s get this out of the way - our college savings plan is not a 529 or Coverdell savings plan. Even though many parents will contribute nearly the same amount to any of these, the flexibility of VestCred’s plan gives you unparalleled options not found in 529 and Coverdell plans. 

Our college savings plan offers incredible power and flexibility that lets you say yes when she gets accepted. 

A dream plan funding her dream college.

It’s possible she’ll need financial aid in addition to your savings and you wouldn’t want her penalized because you saved for college. Or, maybe she’ll get a full scholarship or a large one, and little or none of your college savings will be used. What then? You need a flexible plan.

Uncommon Flexibility about what matters most.

New to college savings planning?

One on one, VestCred will shepherd you through all of the key aspects of college saving – projecting the total costs for multiple college paths, what you'll need to save for each, and how it’ll affect your broader financial plan.

Igniting an effective custom college plan only requires a few simple ingredients: your personal financial plan, our expertise, and multiple industry-tested algorithms and data. We’ll help you explore different scenarios and kickstart your savings with a customized plan that’s flexible.

Getting to college is a challenge... Saving for it doesn’t have to be.

Does not eliminate or reduce her other financial aid options.

Featured Flexibility



Use the funds for non-educational needs without penalty, usually tax-free.

Repurpose the funds for your retirement and generate tax-free income.

You have questions and we have answers. 

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Connect with our team to talk about options. The good news? You have lots of great options.