“Equal opportunity for all” is part of the American Creed. Yet, sadly, those with significant wealth, like the CEOs and senior executives of the largest corporations, traditionally have better opportunities than most to build or extend their wealth. For decades, these folks have used the tax code in ways not generally known or understood by the public at large to significantly augment retirement planning and maximize tax-free income. Fortunately, when properly informed, everyone can use the same section of the tax code to improve their retirement regardless of their job description or how much they make.

Everyone should have the same opportunity to retire with confidence. 

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This belief is what drove Dave Wasserman, one of VestCred’s founders, to create VestCred. Dave’s dad was a social worker and his mom taught kindergarten. Their retirement planning could have benefited profoundly from this knowledge but, sadly, they had no access to it. VestCred’s mission is simple: share this knowledge broadly so everyone can benefit. We blend technology, experience, and a highly personalized one-on-one approach so you can maximize your tax-free retirement income too. 

Build your retirement like a Fortune 500 CEO.